I'm 22 nevr been pregnant. Need some advice or could anyone share their story and their results. Please. My last period was march 25,2010. I had unprotected sex twice to 3 times a week for the whol. Month of April. I had sex April 23, 2010 right b4 my period and I took a test the next month bc I missed my period. It was neq. I've had a blood test n July. It was neq. I missed 7 periods so far with spotting imbetween my stomache has popd Ive gained 17 pounds since may. My belly button has *** out some. My boobs leaked a couple times. I've gota that dark line down the middle of my stomache. I have weird cravingss such as powder. I pee alot., in the beqinning I felt flutters and had crampn pains now I feel kicks so I think nd I can c them from the outside. Kicks that make me curl over bc they hurt. My back has been killing me Im startn too fall asleep n evry class. I feel so tired and I have lots of mood swings. But I went to hospital yesterday and they did more pee test nd it was neq. Did blood it was neq. They seemd as if dey didn't want to do neither but I demanded for ultrasound. But they gave me a cat scan. Said it's nothing. Said it mayb a swelling abdoman. But I know it's more to it . Because the kicking feeling has cont. Nd everyone such as the nurses and family and friends are concerned bc they have felt my stomache and believe there's a baby there. It's biq and hard and I jerks sometimes when people poke it. I'm confused and concerned ne one evr been through this?. FYI- it's not n my head at all I juss iqnor it but now dht the kicking sensation is getn stronger I'm worried. Been having (enough) whitish discharge. Some foods make me sick to my stomache. I gt car sick. I smell things others don't smell. When I eat it's like I don't get full. My feet hurt after just walkn for a little bit. All I wanna do is sleep. Also about the kicking feeling. It use to always be on the right low part of my belly now it has gone up to my ribs. Also I feel it in more than one place now. Like il feel it at the middle of my stomach and my ribs at the same time. Sometimes I even catch it poking out. But when you push on my stomach some some spots are like hard kinda like something is there. When I sneeze something n my belly jerks and cont. To move. Sometimes there soft kicks sometimes it's harder I need to kno more . So I can find the baby a good family