Ok so here we go! I am 34 with no children I had an ablation done in Jan 2013! Due to extremely heavy and painful periods that I would have twice a month! I didn't have a period at all until about 4 months after the ablation then I started to have what I would call a "normal" period. 7 days of light to moderate bleeding with no cramps! So excited about it!! The guy I was with had had a vasectomy done 4 years prior! Well we parted ways in August 2013 and now I'm with the love of my life! Both of us have no children and didn't want any and of coarse neither of us thought we could have them! I started my period on April 8th, nothing out of the norm! So 2 weeks ago around April 1st I noticed my breast where sore like they get about a week before my period and I spotted for a week. (Which is not normal for me) Then stopped for 2 days, something didn't seem right so I took a home prego test that came up Positive so I went into the doc office on April 8th- hcg was 29, went back April 10-hcg 36, April 16th 96! Obviously it's not rising like it should. The Doctors offices calls me yesterday and says that they want me to come in next Wednesday for more blood work but she's sure the pregnancy isn't viable! But I read stories of women who have had ablations and their pregnancies went fine! My question has anyone else experienced this after an ablation and what happened? Please help me, I'm scared to death!