I recently had an abortion after being impregnated by my partner. During the surgical abortion, I was implanted with a copper, non-chemical-releasing, coil. Afterwards, I was told to wait 6 weeks until seeing a doctor to see whether the coil was fitted properly/doing its job (a.k.a after my period has been and gone). It will be 6 weeks in a week.

My period has not yet come, but there was occasional blood dotting for a few days a couple of days ago and has since stopped. I am still getting cramping, vaginal swelling, lethargy (including shaking, due to lack of iron (vegetarian)), sore lower back and leg muscles.

I have taken a pregnancy test to check that I have not become impregnated again, and it has come back negative.

Is this normal after post-abortion? Or is it to do with the copper coil?

Please let me know your thoughts, specialists. :)

Thank you!