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Okayyy, sooo. I got my period May 13, 2011 and when it was done i waited 2 weeks and started taking ovulation tests, i had 8 so of course i spaced them out, i didn't start ovulating till the 3rd of this month june. so me and my boyfriend of two years had sex like normail, except we were trying to we tried some at home methods and we have been not trying just if it happns it happnes for almost a year now. i took two at home pregnancy test and they both said negative at the waiting time but about an hour later they both said positive so yesterday i took one and it was neg. my period starts in as of now and always on time the 13th. soo any comments please, i really want a baby.


dont stress!  thats my main opinion is dont stress!!   and when it happens it will happen.  just keep having unprotected sex. ;)  eventually a baby will come.   it worked for me and my other half ;)   i wish you luck!



its exciting but when the baby comes.  it's SOOOO tiring haha



Hi Rip,

A couple of things come to mind.

1.  You seem to be on a 31 day cycle.  In most cases with a 28 day cycle you'd ovulate between days 11-16.  You don't say how long your period runs but waiting 14 days to start tracking ovulation may be a bit late.  You indicate you ovulate on day 21.

2.  Your pregnancy tests were negative. It does not matter what happens after the time expires.

3.  Testing early with HPT's is not reliable.  They are likely to read "negative" when testing before your period is due.  

You say your period is starting now, the 10th?  If so, and it is a "normal" period then it is unlikely you are pregnant.

Don't get frustrated.  You will get pregnant.  As Bree says "don't stress."  

Track your ovulation for another cycle.  You can use another method as well, maybe the basal body temperature.  

Hope it helps.