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i have a problem with excessive hair growth and a irregular periods and trying to get pregnant


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If you have been trying to get pregnant without success for quite some time, you may want to address your gynecologist and check your hormones.
Since you have irregular periods, this means that you are not ovulating regularly and conception may be harder for you as you cannot plan your pregnancy i.e ovulation.

Excessive hair growth may be a sign of hormonal disorder, other symptoms that may be present are excessive sweating or just the smell from sweating and being over-weight.
I think you should have a blood test to determine the levels of certain hormones (this may be a bit expensive) and if it turns out you have problems with your hormones, a doc may prescribe a drug for inducing ovulation.

Nothing can be said without determining if you have the problem and what it is, so seeing a doctor is a first step you need to take.