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Dear Dr Im 27 y female.i have regular menstruation in the last 2 years before that it was irregular since adolesnce.I visited a clinic and after all necessory investigation and u/s they found nothing and gave me drug to regulate it(it was coming once each 2 or 3 months)
in the last 2 months again it delayed and now it has delayed for 10 days with tender breast but with normal breast skin,appearence and nipple.
i became nervous nowdays and i dont know why maybe for this problem.
I wish if u can help me to solve my issue

my regards


dear dr??? HELP i got the contraceptive pill shot (depro vera) and about a week into it i started bleeding and havnt stopped and that was bout 4 to 5 months ago??? how can i stop it should i see my docter again cos last time she said wait untill the shot finishes and it will stop! but hasnt?? does any one know if i can fall pregnant while this is happening?