I used a dildo one night and the next day I began feeling irritated down there. While urinating I noticed a burning sensation accompanied by a metallic like odor. When I was done urinating the burning sensation lasted a couple more minutes and then went away. That was about a year ago and the symptoms never went away. I constantly feel irritated and when I urinate I still have the burning sensation, even after I've finished. The vaginal area also burns randomly throughout the day whether I'm sitting, peeing ect. About 6 months after I first developed and began attempting to treat this, I also started to get discharge. A UTI was what I originally believed I had when the symptoms first began. I went to see a doctor and although the test were negative, I was placed on the antibiotics for the UTI. After no change I had an examination to test for bacteria vaginosis. After two rounds of medication and a cream for BV did not work, I had a culture done, I tested negative for BV as well as for any kind of STD. After that a more detailed culture was done and I was given a broad spectrum antibiotic. Throughout all the medication I was placed on, I was only able to get rid of the metallic like odor. However, shortly after was when the discharge started and I assumed I had developed a yeast infection from all the antibiotics. After I was placed on antibiotics and several creams I was found negative for all four different types of yeast. This whole process has been a huge circle of repetitive test and no diagnosis. I am reaching out to see if anyone has experienced a condition similar to mine. PLEASE let me know. It is extremely uncomfortable and very frustrating.