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Hi, I have had quite a few urinary tract infections, or so I was told, and treated for them with antibiotics. So when I began feeling burning with urination and hardly anything would come out, I set up a doctor appointment and begged him for more antibiotics to help with the discomfort. Meanwhile I have been experiencing mild to severe pelvic cramping with intercourse and told this to my doctor who was reluctant to diagnos me with another bladder infection. He was right, the medication was not helping. I was tested for chlamidia and ghonnarea and both were negative, but the only thing he could diagnos me with was a PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). I guess this is usually caused by those two STD's but rarely can increase your bacteria level with stress. I have been on a heavy antibiotic dosage and antibacterial medication and have still found no relief. In fact, I feel like it is starting to hurt worse now when urinating and just last night I started getting pretty bad cramps that I can only subdue with nonstop tylenol. I have only been taking the medication for 24 hours now, but what if I never feel any relief? How long should I wait for the medication to work? Does this sound like any other diagnosis?



It often takes quite a few days for UTI's to actually feel better, so give it a little time.

There are women whom have constant UTI infections, and they are often put on a long term dose of antibiotics to keep infection at bay.