Please help me!  I have been dealing with frequent urination and vulva burning for 4 yrs now and no Dr. Can figure out why. I have been tested for STDS bacteria and yeast and all come back normal. I have foul vaginal odor and thick white discharge on my vulva that comes and goes. I have had many uti tests and a couple have tested positive for enzymes and trace amounts of blood but once they are sent for culture they come back normal.  I had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago due to my periods becoming abnormal and painful. My biopsy showed I had pre cancer cells on my cervix and enlarged and inflamed uterus. I saw a urologist for posibble IC and he said my bladder looks normal. I have worse burning and odor after intercourse which I have only had a few times since all this started. This is ruining my life, my marriage and I haven't been able to work. What could possibly be causing all this? I'm at my wits end and am exhausted from lack of sleep, stress and worYing I will never be right again. I have taken numerous antibiotics and diflucan and tried yeast creams but nothing helps. Could this be viral? I do not have herpes or warts however.