I been having vaginal pain for more than 3 months now, I'm here cause I don't know what else to do, everything started after I had sex with my husband using a Trojan condom, we almost never use condoms as sometimes when we did I would get a yeast infection easily curable with over the counter clotrimazol, that night (December 12) as soon as we finished having sex I felt a pain like I was going to get a UTI, so I started drinking tons of water and  bought AZO, that didn't help at all, I went to the doctor 5 days after that and she told me I might have Pelvic Inflammatory condition, she gave me antibiotics for 14 days Doxycycline, I got testes for all STD, everything came back negative including Mycoplasma, ÚTI came back clear too. I wasn't feeling better at all so after 5 days I went to another gynecologist, he gave me another antibiotic Azitromycin and put a cream Clindesse in my vagina in case it was BV. I finished all the antibiotics and I wasn't feeling better, I got a yeast infection from all those antibiotics I took fluconazol too, I still had the pain in my vagina like a burning sensation, that comes and goes during the day, I got back to the doctor and he told me it was all in my head cause everything looked fine and all my test were normal. Since that I've seen other two gynecologists so 4 in total and both of them told me it was stress, I eat healthy no refine sugars no gluten no dairy, I go to the gym 5 days a week, I'm 27, I changed all my underwear to cotton, my soap to fragrance free same for my detergent, there are weeks when I don't feel any pain mostly after my period but then pain comes back, I'm feeling depressed and desperate, now my new doctor prescribed me boric acid suppositories... I hope they work.

I someone going trough something similar? Help!