44 y/o male. September 2016 i started having a “irritation” in my urethra. A few days later I went to the doctor and he tests blood and urine and said it looked normal. He put me on doxycycline for 16 days… nothing changed. Shortly after that my symptoms changed to feeling like I always need to pee. Even after I pee I feel like I need to pee. It actually feels like I'm peeing in my pants sometimes but I'm not. Finally got a visit to a urologist. He checked prostate and said it felt fine. He put me on flowmax and 6 Advil a day for a month. That didn’t help. So then I had a cystoscopy, that showed a lesion in my urethra. Early February 2017 I had the lesion biopsy. The biopsy came back ok. Doc says give it a few weeks to heal and I’ll see you in a year. OK… so this is a very short version of my last 5 months of hell. My symptoms are worse than ever, it’s been over 3 weeks since the biopsy. I like my doctor but feel like he’s missing something. He says I have no infection and all of my test come back normal. Does anyone else feel like they’re peeing or need to pee all the time?