I had my procedure yesterday (3/7/2017). The doctor wanted to do a cystoscopy and look all the way up the ureters to the kidneys to see if there was a blockage somewhere. Since I didn't see my doctor after he did the procedure I'm not sure really what he found while he was up in there with the camera. But according to my discharge papers it says "ureteral strictures". He did mention before he even took me back to the or that if need be he'd put stents in.  Well he did end up putting stents in I believe both sides because my paperwork says "bilateral ureter stents placed". Once I woke up I realized he had put a catheter in me as well. Very first time having one of those in and for me it wasn't very pleasant. I felt a lot of pressure in my bladder. I don't know if it was because of the catheter or the stents. After an hour the nurse came in and removed the catheter and I immediately asked to use the restroom. Let's just say I thought I was dying. The pain was terrible. I was literally screaming for the nurse. So with having these stents in is not pretty. I feel like I have to pee every 10 minutes. It hurts very very bad when I pee. And all I'm peeing is blood. I'm going to assume this is normal after getting that procedure done. Another thing is my bladder is very weak. Again I don't know if it's because of the stents or if it's because he was up there yesterday irritating things. Has anyone else has these similar issues after getting stents?  My doctor gave me pain meds but they hardly touch the pain. So I think I'm going to try Advil today to see if that will work. The stents come out in 3 weeks. I'm happy to be getting these things taken out of me but nervous it's going to hurt. Whoever has been through this please contact me so we can chat more. This is all new to me. 

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