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Hi there. So I thought I had a UTI, I've had them before and this felt just like the rest. So I called the doctor and did a urinalysis but that came back negative for UTI. It hurts when I pee, I feel like I have to urinate even when I have just gone and most of the time when I do pee it's only a very little bit. I'm so uncomfortable I can't sleep and I'm on the verge if tears. I've tried taking ibuprofen and a Urinary track specific pain reliever and neither do anythig to help. What should I do? Help!


UTIs are very uncomfortable and painful to have.  You may want to try drinking lots of cranberry juice to flush out your kidneys and bladder. There are also supplements you may by from the drugstore that can help with it.  There are many of them on market but you just have to choose one based on what you can have.  You need to check the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of them.  Drinking lots of fluids like water or dandelion tea (known to help with UTI) would be the best remedy along with the cranberry juice.  Be sure not to drink anything with caffeine as caffeine stimulates the bladder making you feel like you have to go.