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I have just received the results of my ACE test. My ACE level is 90. Apparently, the level is elevated, because the lab results it says that "normal" ACE range is between 8-53. My previous doctor had never checked my ACE because he didn't feel it's necessary. I recently had a chest x-ray and CT. There are small granulomas in my lungs. Also, my lymph nodes are swollen in my neck and armpits. My pulmonologist expressed his concern that this might definitely be sarcoidosis. I didn't have any biopsies yet. Could this be true? With this elevated ACE level and the test results I'm worried that I may have sarcoidosis. Can anyone share their experience? Thanks


Hello. No single test can be relied on for a correct diagnosis of sarcoidosis. ACE test results are elevated, but ACE test is just one of many test indicators. However, since your x rays and CT had shown changes in lungs, there is a possibility that you indeed have a sarcoidosis. To be sure, your doctor should also perform pulmonary function tests, bronchoscopy, scanning using radioactive gallium, slit lamp test to check your eyes and finally a biopsy to check granulomas and to provide the ultimate diagnosis.