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Our beautiful baby girl was born when my wife was at 38 weeks, two weeks earlier than her estimated due date. However, she was taken to NCIU almost immediately after the delivery and was carefully monitored for blood sugar levels which were higher than expected. This is now her second week at NCIU and the nurses and doctors aren’t telling us much besides ‘she’ll be released when she meets her feeding goals’. Basically, they are treating our baby girl as a preemie (prematurely born), even though every reliable source I read says that any baby born after 37 weeks in born at full term. Wife and I are getting more and more worried because she is kept in NCIU and we can’t get her home, not to mention how nobody explained us what the issue with her blood sugar is.


Hi Guest,

In general, 38-42 weeks is considered normal gestation.

There is NO excuse for the doctor, not the nurses but the DOCTOR, to explain to you EXACTLY what they are treating your daughter for, any possible complications that can be expected, and the prognosis.

Get pushy.  If the doctor won't make time (schedule an appointment) for you to talk then contact the hospital administrator immediately.  By "talk" I don't mean some conversation in a hallway either.  I mean someplace where you can sit down, be uninterrupted, and be able to ask questions and have them respond.  It would help if you have your questions written down ahead of time.  Take notes.

The doctor is working for you, not the other way.  Don't be put off by the title "doctor."  If you don't understand something then ask.  Yes, some doctors have attitudes.  Don't accept it.  Again, if there are any problems you see the hospital administrator.

Good luck.