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I am 36 weeks pregnant and have stopped using pain medication for two days.  I have been prescribed oxycodone medication for a back injury that worsened during pregnancy.  I was not using the medication responsibly and do not want to cause my child any problems.  She has been fine thus far through prenatal care.  My doctor is aware of the pain medication use, but not my irresponsiility.  My question is, will my newborn suffer withdrawals after I give birth with my body being clean from pain pill medication for three to four weeks (depending on delivery date)?  I have not suffered any withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of the oxycodone.  I was not taking the medication all day every day, but was taking higher doses than prescribed when I did take the medicine.  I am fully aware that I should have taken responsibility for this prior to now, but I am trying to do the right thing and do not want my child to suffer any withdrawals.  Thank you for your input. 


Hi Leamom,

I remember reading an article on a mother who was on Oxy and the baby had to be put on methadone when he was born.  I just found the article and I'm inserting the link here. ( Please read the entire article. 

I think you really need to inform your doctor about your misuse of the drug so that they can be prepared for what may happen when the baby is born.  The article says that that not all babies need treatment but many do.  You have to do what is best for the health of your baby, so make sure you inform your doctor as soon a possible. 

All the best.