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I would like to know if hepatitis passed to children? I ask this for my friend who has been suffering from this condition for almost a year now. She and her husband are married for three years now and want to have a baby but they are afraid for its health. Will the baby be infected? I suppose that they will consult the doctor, if they already haven't, but I do not want to make them uncomfortable with questions like these.


If she is suffering from this disease, unfortunately, her child will too. I assume that she has hepatitis B, one that can be transferred to a child. Therefore, her child would have to be under constant observation and under medication therapy, if needed. Still, it is known that children with this illness almost always live a normal life.



You didn't specify which type of Hepatitis your friend has contracted.

If it was Hepatitis C, approximately 5% of children that are born to mothers infected with the Hepatitis C virus become infected themselves.

In those cases where transference does take place, it remains unknown as to whether Hepatitis C transmission of the virus from mother to child takes place while the child is still in the mother’s womb or during childbirth.

While there currently are no reports of mothers transferring the virus to their children through breast feeding it is highly recommended that breastfeeding be avoided if a woman’s nipples are cracked and/or bleeding.

For more specifics with regard to your friend protecting herself and those around her feel free to visit my website.

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