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Dear sir...
I am going to take a micro ear sugery to solve Csom ...
But i can not find confidence about that surgery. Actually is there any possibility to solve 100% this problem?

can u give any information about to gain confidence about this surgery?




There are various facets that need to be addressed while treating CSOM. The common complaints being wetness or discharge in the ear, pain, hard of hearing.
When a patient expects 100% treatment, it depends on which of the above complaints he is bothered about. Present day surgical techniques at good centres and experienced hands have success rates of nearly 95 - 98% in providing dry and painless ears. The same however cannot be said about improvement in hearing, for that would depend on many variables such as the type of hearing loss, the degree of loss and the status of the ossicles (small bones in the ear) and overall functioning of the nose, sinuses and eustachian tube.
To cut it short, if the ossicles are intact and moving, success rate of hearing also is above 90%. If one of the ossicles is eroded or broken even then a success of > 70% can be expected with ossiculoplasty. However if the ossicles are fixed or 2 or more of the bones are damaged, success rates in hearing improvement can at best be predicted at 50% (i.e., may or may not improve).