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Hey there,

I want to start use duromine diet pills, because I was reading a lot of reviews, and they are actually very positive and encouraging. I was thrilled, and I told this idea and plan to my friend, and she told me that I can't use those pills because it is not safe to use duromine before exams. And, I have my final exam on the college, I really don't want to screw this up!

Please, tell me that this is not true. I really don't want to find other diet pills, it is annoying :) Do you have similar experience.

Thank you! 


Good day,

It is true that Duromine can cause insomnia. But, in my experience, it is much, much better to sleep for a while, even if we are talking about two hours, then wake up with a lot of time to study before your test. Sleep and dream are very important, you shouldn’t miss it at all.

Now, you can use Duromine but you will be awake, and maybe you will be very tired before your exam. I suggest you stop using Duromine in those days, even if you take Duromine constant.

That is my suggestion.

Good luck with your exam :)



Lena Midleton,

I would totally agree with you, if you let me say my opinion :)

Duromine is OK as a diet pill, but you will suffer from insomnia, even more that you want. Trust me and listen to this advice: try to sleep a while and then go back to study. Avoid Duromine before your exam, just eat healthy and nothing wrong can happen. It is better to sleep a little bit, right? Sleep is foundation of good day :)

Duromin can affect your dreams so avoid it. Good luck with your final exam, and I believe that at this issue, we are totally right.