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How to take Duromine is one of my main questions. I was at the pharmacy yesterday, and I was looking for some diet pills. The girl that works there told me to buy duromine, and because I have heard about it, I accepted this offer. She gave me the “weak” one, duromine 15 mg.

Now, I am not so sure how to take it and how fast can I lose weight while on duromine 15 mg?

I forgot to ask her about this :/

Can you help me, don’t let me go back to pharmacy store and ask this girl :)

Should I consult my doctor?

Any information is helpful, just for the record :)

Thank you! 


I am amazed with Duromine! This is maybe the only thing that I really like about weight loss. So, a few days ago I was saying that I hate almost every diet program and every diet pill, because they didn’t help me lose my weight almost never.

Now, four days ago I started to use Duromine, but only because my friend gave me one package of those diet pills. And guess what? I’ve lost 2 kilograms so far! Now, I can’t tell did I lose water weight or fat, but I must say that I am really happy about this. I have goal, some ideal weight for me, and I am going to see what is going to happen about this.

I would like to hear some other experience, to see is it OK for me to continue with it. 



Hello there,

I must say one thing – I totally agree with you! You can lose your pounds very, very fast while you are on Duromine 15 mg. Those pills are not that strong, you can use them and you can avoid side effects as well. 15 mg is not too much to use, but you need to eat healthy as well. The best thing to do is to eat up to 4 meals every day, to exercise every other day and drink Duromine when is prescribed.

Trust me, you literally can expect some miracles to happen very soon.

Good luck and inform us!