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Hi, I am wanting to know if it is possible that duromine can have zero effect on someone. 

I am 40 years old, 170cm tall, and my weight is 120kg. The doc tested me for thyroid, diabetes and other things, and I came back all clear. 

The doctor prescribed me duromine 15mg. 

I am now on week 3, I have not lost any weight, I do not feel any extra energy, I don't have insomnia, or dry mouth, and i still get hungry before meal times. 

I wake up at 5am, take the tablet with breakfast, get ready, go to work. I am very active at work, walking 10 - 12 km a day. The other day, I actually fell asleep at about 10am, just sitting in a chair typing up a report. I eat lunch at 1pm, home by 4:30pm. 30 mins on the bike,Dinner at 5:30pm, and I am usually struggling to keep my eyes open by about 6:30pm. 

Today i am on an RDO and after going out to the shops, and walking around the park (7km), I came home, had lunch, then fell asleep on the lounge and woke up at 5pm! I don't normally have naps like that. 

I am wanting advise before returning to the doctor and getting another script next week. 

Should I continue?

Is it possible that it just makes people sleepy?

Am I on the wrong dose?


Still seeking some advise about this. After completing my first packet of Duromine 15mg, I went to the doctor, and was delighted to learn I have lost 1.5kg !!! Any loss is good in my books. The doctor prescribed my Duromine 30mg this month, and I am now almost half way through the pack. I am still getting hungry before meal times. I keep having chocolate cravings. I am still sleeping a lot. Currently I am on annual leave from work. I wake at about 9am, have breakfast, take the tablet, and by lunch time, I am falling asleep. I have a nap for a couple of hours. Then by 10pm, I am falling asleep again. I keep reading about how some people take it, and don't feel hungry, and have all this extra energy to do stuff, like cleaning, working out, etc etc. Is that the side effect on only a certain percentage of people?


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