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hi i was wondering if anyone knows if u can take sleeping tablets to help you sleep while on duromine .....

i have taken duromine 30 before and i could sleep with ease but now i am on the 40 one i cant sleep at all i mayb get about 4 hours sleep a night it's making me hate trying to go to sleep but i am loving the results


Since you can't get duromine without prescription maybe you should consult your doctor about this matter. It is dangerous to mix any kind of medication with sleeping pills. It can damage your liver. So just ask your doctor. Since you have used duromine 30 before and you were satisfied why you don't go back to those ones if there were no side effects. Lack of sleep can also cause various conditions. 

How long have you been trying to lose weight? Is this major issue or you just want to be slim? Have you adjusted your diet or you are just taking duromine? And how about some physical activity? Are you doing anything to avoid side effects of lose skin?

Thank you in advance if you answer to these questions. The answers are important to people who are considering to start losing weight with duromine so your answers would be very helpful.