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Hi there,

My colleague Yassmin wants to lose her weight. She was at the vacation in Italy, and all she was doing in those 15 days, was eating pizza. When she came back from her vacation, I was so surprised. I don’t know what to tell her. She asked me about some weight loss pills. I’ve told her to try using Go Cal 1000 because it contains only six totally natural ingredients.

But, now I am not sure am I right about this information?

I think that I am, but I need to check it.

Is it true that Go Cal 1000 contains six natural ingredient? 



Hey darling,

You have totally right information. It is true. Go Cal 1000 contains only six natural ingredients. I believe that this is a revolutionary combination of six natural ingredients, that are an amazing assistant in your biggest struggle – weight loss. So, those diet pills are carefully formulated to support weight loss through increasing the metabolic rate. It is really suitable for those who really wants to lose their weight as well.

Maybe it is good to know that a lot of those who are doing some sports, are using those pills as well.

I think that this is enough :D

Have a nice day! 



Hello there,

The good thing is that those diet pills also contains a lot of vitamins and herbs. But, those six natural ingredients are crucial in this. They are totally natural, and everyone can prove that. I really do like because you can find all those ingredients on the web site, official web site, they are not hidden.

It is a very powerful formula to lose your weight, and I have to say that I am really happy because I know now a lot of different things about this diet program.

I was reading so much and I have to say that I am really glad because this is revolutionary formula!