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Good day people,

It seems to me that I will never stop fighting with my mother, even if I am not under her roof. It is very hard, because we both are hardheaded and it seems to me that no one can deal with us. When we are in the same room, everyone else just vanish from there :)

I am trying to tell her that she is too old to follow some diet program (she is 76 years old), but she is telling me that she is not old, that I am just stupid :D LOL.

She is so into this pure slim 1000 diet and she wants me to google every single day about this diet program.

Even if I said her that I will not do that, I need to find out more about it :)

I am looking for some reviews, can I find them here?

Thank you! 


Hey there,

LOL :) You can never cope with your mother, because she is always right :) Well, I must say that she is right in one claim – you can never be that old to avoid some diet program.  If she is healthy, even better. She can follow almost every diet at this planet :)

Now, about this pure slim 1000, there are a lot of reviews. Some of them are positive, some of them negative as well :) But, don’t worry, most of them are positive :) The good things are : it is really easy to follow, and it works. You will never be hungry, trust me :)

Bad things: it is a very low calorie diet, and it might be wrong for her. Sometimes low carb diet is not that good option. It is expensive as well (those drops).

Maybe the better option is to cook healthy :)

Don’t argue with your mother, you need to know that she is always right, no matter what :))))






I agree that you can never be too old for a diet program as well. But, you mother need to find out which diet program fits best to her personality. That is the most important. She is an older lady, so she needs to consult doctor as well. Now, you can reduce calories to a sensible amount. Those who find it hard to follow some diet program are the ones eating so poorly, a lot of carbs. Pure slim 1000 can be a great resource for everyone. But, I don’t think that those drops are for your mother. That is my opinion.




Hey there,

I am not sure what can I tell you about this, but my mother and I are currently on Phase 2 on this pure slim 1000 program. So far so good, even if she is also an old lady, she is 71 years old. Calorie intake is from 800 to 1000 calories per day. The point is that we are never hungry. We were following a tons of different diet programs, but so far this one is the best for us.

I am sure that this one can help you balance your hormones because those drops are totally homeopathic, if you ask me. The food that is allowed to eat in this program is totally healthy.

My point is that you should let your mother try this program, because I know that she won’t be disappointed.

Good luck! 



Good day,

Being on pure slim 1000 was a great experience for me. I was at my high school, my prom was coming, and I was really, really fat. I am 1,67 cm tall and back than I had nearly 90 kilograms. Any dress was not my kind! I was sad and disappointed.

Three months before prom dance I started to use pure slim 1000. Of course, nothing could be good without some good diet program. My sister from Australia pain me to have my personal fitness coach. I must say that this was cat's whisker! For the first two months, I lost nearly 15 kilograms. I was happy because I was able to try any dress that I liked.

To cut long story short, I lost almost 20 pound and the guy that I liked back than asked me to be his date :)

So, yes, anyone can use pure slim 1000, but you need to combine it with some good diet program and of course you need to exercise :)

God bless you! 




I have totally opposite experience.  I tried to lose my weight that I gain while I was on my winter vacation (I’ve been in France for one month), and I must say that I really got fat. Even my husband didn’t recognized me when I came back home!

Trust me, I wanted to lose my pounds as soon as possible, and I have heard about pure slim 1000 and nothing :) I was eating clean meals and I was using those drops, but I think that I lost about 2 kilograms in two months. Totally bad :)

So, you can try it, but you’ve asked for reviews :) This is mine.