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Good day folks,

While I was at the vacation with my girlfriend Elma, we gained some extra pounds. She tried to lose them soon, and she started to use curvelle weight loss pills. I have to say that I was extremely surprised with the result, because it is amazing. She was losing her pounds really, really fast. So, I wanted to try those pills as well, because I can see that they are working just perfect.  But, when I mentioned this to my sister, she told me that curvelle weight loss pills are made only for women?

Is that true?

Can I use them?

Thank you! 


Hey there,

Well buddy, I think that you will need to find some other diet pills for you, because curvelle is a weight loss support designed specifically for ladies. For their beauty. I don’t know what the reason is, but that is the way it is. No boys allowed :) LOL

It has unique combination of ingredients and it is meant to help all those ladies who can’t lose their weight just using some diet program or exrcising.

So, if you really want to use some pills, you should try something else, because the market is full of diet pills.

Good luck! 



Great formula, I must say. And, yes, they are only for ladies :) now, you are probably wondering why just for ladies. Well, let me tell you, there is scientific research behind Curvelle, and with the help of trusted medical doctors it is been developed this formula. They say that this one has only natural ingredients, that can help ladies to lose their weight. It is clinical tested, it is tested on ladies. So, I agree with this post, you should definitely find some other diet pills to use, because those are just for ladies :)

Have a nice day!