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Greetings everyone,

I have to say that my whole family is following this site, because people from here are really big support. Now, I have one question for my sister and her husband. They have problems with her youngest daughter. She is now 15 and she hit puberty. She gained some extra pounds, but she is eating all that junk food in her school. Now, she wants to lose her pounds over the night, and we know that this is impossible. She have some information that relora could help in this, but recently, I have heard that this is just another weight loss scam.

Please, help me! 



So my niece has exactly the same problem. She is overweight, but she just don’t want to eat vegetables, fruits, etc. She is only eating in the bakery store and she is eating that junk food. So, I can understand why you are worried. I know a little bit about relora weight loss pills, but that what I know is that this one is good. It also can get help her get rid of stress. And she can also lose her weight. Now, you should consult someone who is an expert in this area, because she is really young.



Hi people,

It is not a weight loss scam, but it is not also a magic pills, so you just can’t expect miracles to happen, and I think that you already know that.

About those weight loss pills, my friend Sarah is a huge fan of those diet pills, and she consider them totally unique. She has a reason for this, because she is using them for one year and three months, and she lost nearly 27 pounds, which is really impressive result.

So, if you think closer, this one can’t be a scam.

It is totally natural!

It is ok to use them! 



Yes, they are safe because they have totally natural ingredients in it, but I don’t know what to think for the teenage use. Teenagers are really young, and they still grow, and I am not sure are the weight loss pills right decision for them.

Why you don’t try to talk with her about some good diet program, running in the park, walking up to the hills, doing some good exercise?

This is always the better option, so you might consider to talk with her a little bit about it.

Give her good reasons.

Maybe it will work.

Good luck! 



"they are safe because they have totally natural ingredients in it" - well, rattle snake poison or asbestos are also "totally natural ingredients" but you probably wouldn't want to consume them, right?The Dr. Oz-advertised diet pill garcinia cambogia extract also contains "totally natural ingredients" but there are good reasons to think that their (longterm) use will increase the risk of diabetes, similar to statin drugs through processes like the impairment of oxidative cell metabolism, the increase in inflammation and cell destruction, the lowering of cholesterol and steroid hormone production, the promotion of pancreatic injury, the blocking of insulin release, etc. The misleading "all natural ingredients" argument has been mainly pushed by marketers of alternative medical products or ignoramuses...

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