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Good day all,

I really had some problems with my weight lately. Whatever I do, I just can’t lose one single pound. And, I am really depressed. My friends have their social life but I don’t, because I am always depressed and I am concerned about my weight. I want to change my eating plan, and I think that I am going to need some help as well.

Some of my friends told me that Warrior diet is really strict and that this diet contains both – the diet and exercise plans.

Is this true? Because, that could be a diet for me!

Help me, I am desperate! 


Hi everyone,

Choosing some diet program is a long, long process. We all have really difficult time to choose the right diet program, and that is OK, until you don’t try all of them and find something that fits you :)

Warrior diet program is very strict one, because, yes, it contains both – the diet and exercise plan. When you combine this, you will lose your pounds, I can guarantee you this.

Hurry up, summer will be almost here :)

You want to be fit in your swimsuit, right :)

You can try it, it will be hard for the first month, maybe, but later it will be ok.



Hello girls,

While my mother was on this diet program, she had a really good results. She told me that this diet program can be really hard to handle at the beginning, but later it becomes your lifestyle. It is pretty easy to follow, you have a bunch of amazing recipes.

They are perfect and the exercise plans are good as well, but you need to be prepared for it.

I have tried this diet program, but I have to say that this one wasn’t my diet program, it wasn’t for me.

You should try it.

Good luck with it! 



Hello there,

I am following this diet program for six days now. I have to say that I love it totally, because I love those strict programs and this one is. It is healthy, perfectly balanced, and it has both – the diet and exercise plans. You can find so many informations it the book, and I got this book as a gift. I have to say that I love it.

Trust me, the book is must have in this diet program, because there are a lot of tips and advice how to be the part of this diet program. Trust me, it is easy to handle, I feel so fresh :)



Hello everyone,

Girls, I have to say that I am really surprised with all those comments and tips :) Positive surprised, of course :) I just love it.

So, I am really into this diet program. Yesterday, I have order this book from the internet, and I can’t wait to read all those tips. I am sure that I will be able to find a lot of recipes, and that this diet program is not that hard to follow, even if this diet program is strict, as you say :)

Thank you very much :)

I will try this one next month :)