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Well I waz fingered by my bf & every since the I have being having pain n my virgia & also unit expected bleeding after.. could any of the tell mei wat isz happening


Hey. Don'e worry about it because it is still there. In fact it will be there your inter life. Not because you never have sex but because the whole cherry pop myth isn't real. Your Hymen does not cover your inter vagina, which is why you can put tampon/fingers into your vagina. What happens during the first time you have sex is your hymen is being strechted, it can tear if the guy is to rough the first time, which causes the bleeding. It will hurt some because of what is happening to your hymen. But if you finger your self often you are the one streghing your hymen and it is alot less painful the first time you have sex. Also if you dont have sex for along time then it will move back into the place it use to be. So he probably just did it to hard adn it tore your hymen.