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hi there ... im not sure what to do ... im a virgin i have never had sex with anyone but i have inserted 2 fingers into my virgina and it was ok not to sore ... i am staying the night with my first boyfriend and i think we are going to have sex... i dont know if my cherry is popped when i insert my fingers no blood comes? also i have had a pole kinda thing in my vigina the other night to get started i would say maybe 1ft long but as thin as my finger does that mean that i  popped my cherry it did not hurt  going in? i need help.. i dont want to be in pain tonight


thanks x


Well... see, the hymen isn't like a membrane that seals off your vagina.  The typical hymen is kinda like a partial wall.  Two fingers might not be enough to break it, and that thin rod probably wouldn't do it either.  It's a stretch, but I would be remiss if I didn't say that.

However, it is still likely that your hymen is indeed broken, but that doesn't really mean a whole hell of a lot.  After all, you're a virgin, regardless of the state of your hymen.


There are a few ways to make your first time easier.  1: lube.  Good lube.  2: Go slow.  3: Get super turned on.  No, really.  Your vagina will relax and lengthen a little to accommodate a penis when you're in the mood, and your pain threshold goes up, too.