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Im 16 and I lost my verginy a while back but I dont think my cherry when I got with my current boyfriend I waited till we had been togetger a while and we had sex...but my hymen still didnt that normal? Or should I be worried??????? Or am I juat overreacting..for some reason im really worries!


Hello, i just started a month ago having sex with my boyfriend, and i am also 16.
My hymen didn't break, and there could be a lot of reasons why, but it's nothing to be worried about at all.
It could be it was broken when you were little through any type of sports, e.g gymnastics, horse riding.
Some girls aren't born with a hymen at all, and some stretch during sex.

I've also heard and known girls who's hymen have not broke until years after having sex, we're all different and it's normal.

Don't panic, you're fine!

I hope this helps.