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Basically i've been fingered with 2 fingers, using a mascara tube and a handle of a brush to masturbate with. I DID put a condom on them items so don't complain that I shouldn't do it with them things :) 

Anyway, I have no idea if i've popped my cherry or not? If I can fit a handle of a brush up there does it mean i have? I haven't bleed or anything I'm just curious because how can i for them things in without bleeding? Does it mean I have popped my cherry or what? 

What do you think? 


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Hi, you can always look and check to see if your hymen is still there with a flash light and hand mirror, as you have never bled I would say yes you have if you feel no pain when inserting 2 fingers of hair brush handle.
Your hymen could of broken while doing other things with out realising though from things like horse riding or riding a bicycle or even stretching exercises.
Hope this helps :-)