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Hey every1, i am 19 yeers old and my girlfriend is 18......Last week we had unprotected sex (yea i kno we're dumb) but i pulled out b4 i completely ejaculated. I think i may hav precum inside her and i am wondering if theres a possibility she is pregnant. This was a couple dayz b4 she wuz suppose to hav her period and now she has gotten her period, so what im really trying to find out is if she could still be pregnant even if she already had her period. We had unprotected sex b4 her period and now she has it, so im confused... i need some opinions and help ASAP!!!


Once in a while a woman can have her period or a lighter period during the first month and can have some spotting during her pregancy but based on what you said it doesn't sound like she is.

If you are still worried about it then buy a home pregnancy test or see a doctor to make sure.