Is myrongoplasty worth performing ?

I have had a chronic ear infection since my childhood. I am 33 years old. For almost 30 years I have tried many antibiotics and ear drops to control the infection; however, to no avail - the medicines only worked for few weeks or months - they all failed to stop the ear infection.

Because of the continuing ear infection, I had a big hole in my right ear. (Ages ago, my left ear was deemed dead because of chronic ear infections. Though, there is no discharge from my left ear, I can not hear).

Because of the almost every day annoying ear discharge and deterioration of my hearing, I decided to undergo an operation on my right ear. I had an operation (Myringoplasty) on my right ear at the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Melbourne in December, 2007. The operation was made under general anasthetic, using temporafacia via postauricular route. Unfortunately, the result is terrible.

- Before the operation, I did not have a problem in conversations, listening to music, tv, mobile phones, etc (particularly when the ear was dry, my hearing level was almost the same as a normal person. After the operation, for almost 2&1/2 months, I am deaf - I am depending on reading lips - it's totally a devastating experience - totally no hearing, especially from behind. Simply, I have a deaf ear

- During the first month of the post operation, I visited (follow up) the hospital, and I was told the graft was intact, and my hearing level (according to the hearing test) was almost the same as my pre-operation hearing level /25-30db/. Well, practically, it is not. I was told to wait for the glue/foam/to dissolve.

- Before two weeks, I had a feeling of popping and clicking on the operated ear, thus, I rushed to the hospital's emergency department. There, I was told that the glue/foam was dissolved, there was no ear infection, I had a very small perforation on the new graft. Which is sad. Thus, I was told to apply an ear drop called 'Ciproxin HC' to the newly operated right ear. But, nothing change has happened. Besides this, I am sick of 'Ciproxin' which I have been used it for more than a year.

Last week, my ear was examined by another Doctor at the hospital. And, I was told no infection inside the operated ear, to stop using Ciproxin; yet to use Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3%. I was also told either to use a hearing aid, which is totally unwelcome news, or to have another surgery to fix the small recurrence perforation on the new graft. Besides this, I was told to constantly blow-out air by closingg my nostrils. I don't know why? Because, I haven't got any positive reply either from the Hydrogen Peroxide Solution or from blowing my nostrils.

However, I am not comfortable of having another operation on the new graft; because I have not got any positive outcome from my 1st operation. My experience from my 1st operation were: numb tongue for almost a month, a stand-out ear which results in a deformed-alike face, considerable hearing loss, and of course a scar.

Based on the brief information I have already written above, I would like you to offer me your professional advice. Please, sacrifice a little bit of your precious time.

Your advice would be be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely
a very stressed and frustrated, Kasie Lohan