Hi, i had a really tough life and since i was 14 i was diagnose with a symdrome called digeorge symdrome. dont no if anyone have heard it. but one of the symptoms are problems with ear, nose and throat. i got problems with speech, ears, nose and throat. had 13 operations on my ears because i had perforated eardrum and lately am becoming deaf in both ears so am wearing a hearing aid for my right ear. i was deaf when i was little also but since having the operation they repaired it. now, im 25 i keep getting lots of ear infections and cant seem to take the infection away. it seems to be like it every week now. i had a ct scan to see if there is any damage in side the ear and it all came back normal. the doctors cant give me any more antibiotics as i always have them and now they dont work or even ear drops. i dont no what else to do!! does anyone know what to do????