hi. i'm female, 27, @ had bilateral tonsillectomy last mar 11, 2009. accdg to the 2 EENT's i consulted, (as well as my close friends who are drs. also), the surgery was necessary to stop recurrent tonsillitis/infection which could lead to heart or kidney disease complications, if left untreated. I also developed ear infection already. According to my doctor, my tonsillitis reached the grade 3 (max) level, and it keeps on recurring even after i took various antibiotics. In my case, full recovery took place after 2 weeks. the 1st week after surgery was very hard, because it's an operation in the throat. I find difficulty in swallowing soft foods (ex. noodles) and even water, cause it's like to come out of the nostrils. I just relied on ice chips for my fluid intake. The dr. said my reflexes will come back on the 5th day or so, but it was only on the 2nd week that i was able to yawn and sneeze...During the 1st week, I ate only noodles, ice pop, ice cream (vanilla flavor only). I was told to avoid sour, hot and spicy foods. A month has passed after the operation and now, i'm feeling quite well and had resumed work. :-D