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Hey there. I don’t clean my dog’s ears very often. I know that I need to do this but I just don’t have habit to do this. My vet is attacking me all the time because he needs to clean my dog’s ear when I visit him. I found some remedies, they are natural.

But my friend told me that I can clean my dog’s ear wax with hydrogen peroxide. I never cleaned his ears with it so I don’t know is it OK to do this or not?

Do you have experience with hydrogen peroxide? If you do please let me know what is your opinion about it.



Why people from this site avoid to clean their dog’s ears? LOL :) You are not the only one. I have this problem as well.

Hydrogen peroxide is great! And you can use it for a lot of different things. This remedy is very effective but you will have to seek vet’s help when you want to use it for the first time. You should do this ASAP because if you don’t clean your dog ears it can lead to loss of hearing.

It is easy to use – the best solution is 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of water. But consult your vet, please.




Hey you two :)

I would definitely use hydrogen peroxide to clean my dog’s ears. It is the option number one for me.  I do this. I take hydrogen peroxide and I put it on a cotton balls. It is enough just a small wipe on the outer of the edges of your dog’s ears. Repeat this every week :)

My vet advised me to do this and I trust him. I think that there is no need to be scared that something can go wrong.

Sure, you can always consult him about this.

You can also buy ear cleanings drops from the vets. I would choose Burt’s Bees.



Hello everyone.

Well I have a puppy and I didn’t clean his ears yet :/ Not even once since I have him. I know that I should, but to be honest with you, I am scared a little bit.

I don’t know how to do this. I was thinking to use hydrogen peroxide because I was reading that this is a perfect solution, but still I would not do this without my vet’s help.

I was washing his ears while I was bathing him but I am scared to clean them with some product :/

I will take him to the vet and let him to do this.