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Hi, I need your help

First of all I had may operation 7 days ago on left side of my nose.

After operation same day I went home and on evening got high temperature.

On second day I got infection lots of pus from my left nostrils ( which surprised me a lot ! and some with the blood from operated - left one ).

Called Day Surgery in QA Hospital but they told be they don't deal with that after operation ! and I need contact with my GP which I did and got antibiotic. After 2 days yellow discharge stops. )

For all time I'm completely unable to breed by nose just my mouth.

From hospital I got : CO-DYDRAMOL, VOLTAROL and Otrivine ( On Discharge Summary as well information that I don't need future recheck )

Yesterday ( Sunday ) I went  to hospital with complain that I cannot normally breed. After checking my nose inside I got Sinus Rinse bottle to rinse my nose 3-4 times a day.

They did first rinse and then was fresh blood with yellow thick  discharge and more after same day but next day ok.

What is really worrying me :

Until today I cannot breed because both my nostrils a blocked in somehow even I can rinse thru ( left side is very painful )

I'm still occasionally bleed on the left side.

My right nostril is close inside with something white in the middle. When I pull my chick then it's open and then its looks like valve with something white on both side which become together us one after "pulling position"

In my left nostril ( which was operated ) inside it's look like some quite horribile piece of meat ( they told me yesterday in hospital that is scar tissue and all will be ok  but I'm really worried ! and apart from that my nose on tis side is hard as table - is that normal ?

Please help me ! what should I do ? and what is really going on ?

Many thanx


Many get the pus after surgery but it soon disappears and the surgery scars heal. I would say that you have to setup an appointment with the ENT that did the surgery and explain you’re after surgery experience and side effects to see there is anything you have to worry about. It has been a week since you made this post, is the other nostril still blocked?



The white things are your stitches. I had it done a week ago and Im still in lower jaw is hurting so had...Im worried about an infection...any


Considering you had surgery on your nose you should not be able to breathe out of it very well if not at all. It will take 6months to a year for swelling to go COMPLETELY down. You need to relax and stop worrying because the only thing wrong is how your handling it. You just had a surgery things are going to change temporarily you can’t just go about resuming your every day life. You should make a follow up post op appt 1-2 weeks after surgery and there should be splints in your nose that will be taken out then. Just relax and stop being dramatic.


You had surgery on your nose. A dr cut open your nose took pieces of it out and also put pieces back in. It’s going to hurt. It’s also going to cause swelling and lots of it. This swelling will consume your nose and spread to your eyes alittle bit and because of that it will cause pain in your mouth sinuses eyes and pretty much your face. It’s not an infection it’s he process of healing. You should have been warned and provided with this info before surgery and after surgery.