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On Week 1 I notice a really sharp pain in my left ear followed by lost of hearing as if my ears was stuffed. I put hydro peroxide thinking it would clear the wax, but it didn't. Middle of week 1, pain went away, but I still could not hear anything. Few days later (if I recall correctly) my mom told my to put dip a cotton ball in warm olive oil and plug my ear. Few days later dec week 2 I had massive ear drainage (big chumps of wax was falling out and it smelled horrible.) 3 days later I notice dry red ear wax and wet gooey brown-red-white wax followed by a very loud terrible smell. Now I still have dry red wax every morning and I still can't hear like I used to. No pain and the smell is not too bad. I cannot afford to go to the doctor since I have no insurance or job.


I am sorry that you are having hearing loss in your ear.  I am worried that you had an untreated ear infection that may have affected your hearing; for how long, I don't know.  It doesn't sound good to see that you are still having drainage every morning from it.  Do you have any public health clinic that may treat you for free or at a reduced cost?  I wouldn't recommend anything to you just because if you have a perforated ear drum, you shouldn't be putting anything in your ear.  See if you can make arrangements with the doctor's office for payments to pay for the visit.