Hello everyone! I'm 15 year old male and I'm experiencing a cut-like pain for 3 days now in the right ear ONLY when I yell or pull the pinna.

 Actually, I've been having problems with the ears since I was born. I have had 4 operations made on them and the last one was the most complex and tough - in the left ear, I was having a cholesteatoma which was hidden in a pocket in the middle ear. Also, the tympanic membrane was totally ruptured and only 2/5 were left out of it. Luckily, everything was successful and the left ear now is in perfect condition. As for the right ear - it's not such a big troublemaker as the left one, but it's beginning to piss me off - it has a quite big ventilation tube made of Pt/Au alloy. The tube often gets clogged and I use hydrogen peroxide to clean it. It hurts sometimes, because the hydrogen peroxide makes it way through the whole middle ear and irritates the mucos skin.

I went to my GP to see if there're any debris which can cause this pain, but she said that there aren't any signs of inflamation or problems.

P.S. My gums are swollen on the place where the wisdom teeth should appear, especially the right gum. I heard somewhere that it may cause ear pain similar to that I'm having now. And to mention, I'm taking antiallergic pills to try to keep the tube in the ear for longer periods of time and I'm having quite annoying cough, too.