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Hi, How to reduce weight without any side effects?

What are the food items should take to look slim and active.

Give some useful tips to me.



Thanks & Regards




Hi Steve,

I am not a weight loss DR, however it's simple unprocessed foods that are good for you. You haven't stated what you eat on a daily basis. But if you eat lower calorie food (input) and do more exercise (output) you are sure to loose weight. Portion control should be met too. Count how many cals you eat a day, and bring it down at least by 500 to 800 cals less. But please consult your DR, if you are on any medication, or have any problem that can stop you from being active to take up exercise.

Breakfast try to eat small portion of cereal with no sugar or oats, which are healthy for you. Lunch try to eat a portion of salad with a piece of chicken or fish, but no or low calorie dressing. In the evenings try to eat steamed veg with fish/chicken. Always strive for low calorie and although you might feel hunger after your meals try to go out for a walk, or do something to occupy your time. Eat at regular times, eve meal should be 6pm. If you start exercising on a daily basis, you will notice the difference. Do you do weights Steve? if you have any may i suggest you look into slowly easing yourself into that too.

I have started running and swimming recently. I have noticed that direct more weight loss is generated by jogging. If you ease yourself slowly into jogging, you will notice the change in week 1. Swimming is supple and kind to your joints, i easily do a one mile swim, if you did swimming twice a week, your body is more bendable. You will feel toned. Try to do some light jogging, honestly you will find if you dedicated yourself to it daily, you will notice a massive change, but keep it slow and know your limits, if you body is aching then stop. Wear the right product for the exercise, ie...jogging trainers, cheap ones will do.

Steve, put together a action plan, of where you want to be size wise in month three. It needs to be met honestly, something you can achieve slowly and realistically that can be met. Keep it simple, active and allow yourself a slip up now and again. BUT don't give up, people do slip but nothing stops you  the next day to push again, maybe allow yourself a treat once you lost a certain amount of pounds. Don't be hard on yourself, focus on your goal and think how elated you will feel once you met that target weight in three months, then progress to month six pushing that much more harder.

Hang your Action Plan on the fridge, on your bedroom wall and also put up some pictures of a celebrity you want to look like. This might sound stupid, but you know what you want and this will help you on your way to your goal.

If you eat Carbs, keep it low, as they are not good for you, keep to eating wholesome foods and if you get bored, try looking at a few low cal recipes on line.

I wish you the best and hoped i have helped. Keep us updated how you doing. The first wk, count all your cals daily, see where your going wrong and wk 2 you will be able to cut that out of your foods. So you will know what is good and bad for you. Keep on tweaking it, you will find what works for you. Oh, eat  fruit too...

God Bless.