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So many times i have read that if you want to loose weight you should avoid going on a diet. They say diet slows down your metabolism which in result could make it more difficult for you to loose weight. Is this true?

Some suggest diet for people who want to gain weight? lol. Its like if you want to gain weight, go on a diet and you will loose little weight but once you stop you will gain more weight than you would if you did not go on a diet? Does this make any sense? Sometimes there is no logic. 


I definitely wouldn't reccommend goin on a diet if you are trying to loose weight. It does slow your metabolism down and in effect make you more fat. It also makes you really unhealthy and can affect other parts of your help. I would reccommend eating the right amounts of all food (carbs, fat, protein etc) If you are planning on dieting. Have a very large breakfast lots of oats an proteinss to keep you full for the day a light lunch and some snacks in between and a very small and healthy dinner (vegetables tuna home cooked chicken) avoid fast foods and take aways. If you are planning on dieting Have one day (preferably Friday) as your cheat day where you eat anything and everything you want as this speeds your metabolism up again. Hope this has helped :)!