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i have been nausiated lately, throwing up for the past few days, i've been extremely tired, i've been having breast tenderness too. but i have been having my period but it's come on a week late the past 2 months. i took a home pregnancy test but it came up negative. is there a high risk that i am pregnant and what should be my next move?


Women can have their periods while they're pregnant. I suggest you take a test while you're not on your period, if you haven't already. You can also see an OB/GYN and inquire about your symptoms.

Also, women who have little to none progesterone or have too low a drop in progesterone can get pregnancy symptoms. This is actually what causes PMS. Wild yam and chaste tree supplement natural progesterone that can alleviate these symptoms. However, I don't suggest you take this without talking with your doctor.