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My daughter(15) has a slight fever that keeps going up and down. I'm worried it might be serious.

First it was 99.0 then
in the morning:
and now it's back up to 99.4

And I know how to get AIDS.
Semen (not me)
Vaginal Secretions (not me)
Breastmilk (not me)
Blood or blood products (not me)
tatoos (never)
peircings (once)

Those are the only fluids. Never did any of em, and my daughter hasn't either. except the piercings, but that's only if the person who did it got blood in you, and they used some maching that didn't.

She was complaining about her sinuses were stuffed up. She's had drainage and a few times today a sore throat. (possibly from drainiage?) Could this be a sinus infection?

Is this bad? Or could it just be some sort of flu virus?
I'm concerned that it could be HIV, but I'm a hypocondriac, so, please let me know as soon as possible!

Sure, someone's gonna reply but who and when? I need the info now!!!


From what you stated she's experiencing she's not in trouble. The temp she's regestering could almost not even be called a fever. Being tired after a long busy day can up your core temp. Its not uncommon for the body's temp to fluxuate a little. Its one of its normal deffense mechanisms. Unless she's exhibiting indications of illness like hightened fever, nausea, vomiting, sore throat then you can start to worry. Think of your body as a computer that is programmed to fix itself when it detects somthing amiss. The introduction of a very common cold virus could very well cause a mild sore throat and runny nose. The body, detecting this then jumps into virus killer mode and raises its temprature in a attempt to weaken the virus and kill it with its own deffense "white blood cells". This may sound extreme but its happening all the time and most of the time you have no clue. In the future just keep an eye out for temps of 101+ and keep track of her symptoms. Symptoms lasting longer than a week and not getting better could then be a sign of larger problems. As for this little bout.....I wouldn't worry. :-)


If you havent brought her to the doctors I sugjest you do that JUST in CAsE have her tested for HIV & AIDS to be on the safe side get her flu shot and she should be feeling better. Make shure she drinks alot of fluids and im not tlking liquids, Watch out who she drinks after too.