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hi. I'm a female and a few days ago I notices to small raised red bumps on the inside of my lower right labia majora and one on the left. not really freaking out I assumed it was nothing serious. it started to get irritated so I spoke about it to a close family member. she suggested that I squeeze it and put bleach on it and she has done many times before. so I did not thinking nothing of it. nothing came out. the next day it turned to two flat white spots. I was told to see if it had hair in them and it did. I tried to pull them out by hand but they are stuck. not its more white spots. the only one that hurts are the two with the hair in it. now some puss like fluid came out. I went to get looked at and the doctor said he can't tell what it is so he suggested I get tested for an std. the bump on the left is the same as it was since day one. it doesn't hurt unless irritated.



a good friend of mine has suffered for years because of ingrown hair on her bikini area and labia. What you described does sound like the start of what she complained to me, but what usually happened to her was that after the white phase, because of pretty much constant irritation by underwear, the ingrown hair would form into a quite large and very painful boil or big pimple. This whole process doesn't happen overnight, so depending on your STD test results, you might want to try to talk to a dermatologist. Meanwhile, it still makes sense to keep the area as less irritated as possible and try applying some antibacterial cream or baby powder.

Wish you all the best,