So i have this small red bump on the side of my penis toward the base. At first I was thinking it was just an ingrown hair because it doesn't hurt, itch, or tingle. I had popped it once and this thin, white, stringy stuff came out of the very top of it, like a white hair was coming out of a follicle. The stringy stuff was the thickness of a regular pubic hair, except it was white (obviously). It wasnt liquid at all. The hole it came out of was at the very top of the bump and was no bigger than a follicle. I have lots of hair follicles around it so that's what makes me think its an ingrown hair. However, I'm worried it could be genital warts because I know those aren't painful at all, but this is only 1 lump, not a cluster. Lately, i've also had the feeling like i have to pee all the time, but nothing, or very little comes out when i do. I don't know if this has anything to do with it. Any advice is great. Thanks