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Is it possible to catch Hep or HIV this way? PLEASE HELP?2 weeks ago I was at a friends house and noticed my underarm was a little stubbly so I dumbly picked up my friends razor and shaved the tops off of the hair (trying not to touch the skin to avoid razor bumps) and then found out the razor belonged to a roommate staying with her. Is it possible to catch anything this way??? :( here are the facts!1. It was 4am and no one used that razor for many hours 2. it was in the shower3. I looked at it and it was totally clean. no visible hair, blood or rust4. I then washed for a good amount of water and went about a quarter if the way down my armpit then stopped and put on lots of shaving cream5. I hardly shaved any of my hair of and had no scratched, razor bumps or blood of any kind6. afterwards I washed my squeezed my armpit hard to see if any blood would come out, it didn't7. I then washed my armpit and put peroxide on it8. I'm 16 and very healthy9. I feel totally normal and not sick at all10. the women who owned the razor is a very nice women who goes on alot of missionary tests and probably gets tested11. she has given blood in the past12. she said she has no diseases and is very healthy and that she never gets sick13. there was no blood or anything on the razor and it looked pretty new14. there are small kids in the house who never caught any diseases (they are checked since one has special needs)15. it was a very nice and expensive razor that worked so good with pain or cuts at allalso what is a cheap way to get tested?? I have no health insurance :(I've been freaking out, crying and praying about this soo much. please no immature answers! help all


Yo ho Sixteenandfreakingout,

Stop worrying- from what you've said, the risks of you catching anything are next to zero. Plus you were not at risk of HIV, but you could have been for Hep C; however, the risk is extremely, extremely slim as there was no fresh blood on the razor. As a healthy 16 year old, I would say you don't have anything to worry about.

I'm assuming you mean Hep C when you mention Hep? There's Hep A, B, C, D and E- all have differing ways of contracting and varying exposure risks and symptoms, but from what you've said, you were only at a very slight risk of Hep C and not the rest.  

This happened two weeks ago and if you had contracted Hep C, you would have had cold, flu-ish like symptoms appearing by now. 

A piece of advice? Don't get tempted to borrow a razor again- from anyone!


Good luck & please, don't worry. Sharing razors and toothbrushes are a risk factor, but not common ways to pass on HIV or any of the Hep's.