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I have a bump that is sore when I touch it in middle of my armpit. My husband used my razor the other day and wandering if I have a blocked hair follicle, boil, no drainage.

I have washed it thoroughly with soap and water with warm compresses with washcloth and took 2 tylenol this morning and have put no deoderant on. What should I do?



The lymph nodes tend to get swollen if there is infection in the body. If your lymph node is swollen under your armpit then the infection is located somewhere near the armpit. It is likely possible that your razor burn caused the swelling under the armpit. The thing is that you have to treat the infection and not the swelling of the lymph node. When your infection is gone from the body then the lymph node will get back to normal. Are you using any antibacterial medication? Can you see any cuts under the armpit.

Does your husband has any similar problems? If the swelling doesn’t go away after few days then it might be advised to seek some professional help.