I am a 24 year old male living in northern Virginia. Ever since I was little I have always been a worrier. When I was younger, my worries of choice were UFOs and tornadoes. As I got older, I still worried about pointless things that I had little to no control of, but it was always in the back of my mind. I could still function. For instance, I would always worry my girlfriend was pregnant in high school if she had a stomach ache or felt nauseous in the morning. I still went about my life but every now and then the worry would pop up and remind me it was there. I have always been a 'worst case scenario' kind of worrier too. As I got older, my health was always a big worry of mine too. If I had a headache that lasted more than a day, my brain went right to brain tumor. Recently I had an infection on 3 of my toes that I thought was athletes foot. After 3 doctors visits with no improvement I worried they would have to amputate my toes. Not a crippling fear, but it often crossed my mind. Lately, however, I have noticed things getting more severe. I get constant waves of nausea. Most days I am fine, but sometimes I deal with this nausea all day. The first time I noticed it, it was my bachelor party. I was worried that strippers and my future brother-in-law both being there would be a problem, even though he knew they would be there and didn't have a problem with it. As soon as he showed up, instant nausea. To the point of feeling like I wouldn't feel better until I threw up, so I did. The next instance was when I was going on a deep sea fishing trip. The morning we left, my brother in law joked that there were 10ft seas out on the water. I didn't realize he was joking and instantly felt sick. After about 30 mins on the water I was fine. At this point I started to think "well I guess I have this new thing where when I'm nervous I feel sick." On my wedding day I felt nervous and nauseous all day until I saw my wife walking down the aisle, then I was fine. In may, my wife, sister, and I went to Baltimore to see my favorite band. I was stoked! Got to Baltimore early, walked around (it was hot), had a big lunch, had a yard of beer, walked some more, and by the time we walked into the venue, I felt sick and ended up throwing up a few times. It wasn't a "oh man, I'm gonna throw up, I gotta run!" But more like "I'm not going to feel right til throw up." We ended up leaving and I missed my favorite band. In between these episodes, on random days I will get these feeling of nausea but there's nothing I can really identify as a trigger. But this weekend was the worst. Friday was my birthday and we had plans to so dinner with a few friends and see a movie after. After lunch I started getting the nausea and felt like I wouldn't feel better until I cancelled plans, so I did. So my wife and I decided to do a dinner and movie alone. Went to dinner and by the end, I felt nauseous so we went home. After a few hours I got that "I need to vomit to feel better" feeling, so I did. My wife and I started to talk as she was worried about me, and as I sat on the couch, I quickly started feeling closed in. The best way I could describe it to my wife was that I felt like I was trapped and wanted to jump out the window. The whole weekend I was confined to the house, feeling nauseous and throwing up. On Saturday night I decided to take a Klonopin (.5mg). I had them bc I saw a doctor for my fear of flying. We're flying to Orlando in August and after a bad flying experience several years ago, flying was ruined for me. He told me to try one before the flight to see how it made me feel. Figured that night would be a good night to try. It made me feel great. The next morning I was back to feeling terrible so I went to the ER. Went through 2 bags if fluid as I was dehydrated. All blood work came back normal and I left feeling 80% with the number to the behavioral clinic on base (wife is military) and a script for Zofran for my nausea. By last night I was feeling sick and overwhelmed again. Worried that I wouldn't be better for the Orlando trip, worried that I wouldn't be better for work today. So I took another Klonopin. Felt a lot better. This morning at work was rough. I felt out of sorts and a little queasy and tired (decided to give up coffee as it stirs up anxiety) and little nausea (probably due to the zofran I popped as soon as I got up). By mid day I was feeling a little like myself again after some arguments with myself like "this is only a feeling, it can't hurt you" and things of that nature. When I got off work I started feeling queasy again. I think it's because I associated my apartment with this past weekend, being stuck there feeling like hell the whole time. And now I'm feeling pretty ok. Small bouts of nausea that I'm fighting through and resisting the urge to take any meds as I don't want to make them a habit. The main issue is my head runs off and comes up with these crazy thoughts. Then thoughts just keep piling on until I feel overwhelmed. I wish I could just turn off my brain. Maybe I am subconsciously stressing about my flight? I am worried about it but its not at the forefront. Is it my weight? 2 years ago I lost 85lbs and then gained back all of it in the past year or so. Now I'm more aware of my weight and self-conscious about it, but again it's not at the forefront. My mom think that maybe it's because of the wedding. That I'm nervous about taking a big step into adulthood. Is it my sleep? I went from working 10am to 6pm getting 8 hours of sleep to working 5am to 1pm getting about 5-6.5 hours of sleep a night. I don't know what it is and I'm glad that I seem to be feeling a bit better but my brain still is trying to work against me. And now I'm worried about this weekend bc maybe the reason I feel ok is bc I'm in my weekly routine and ill have more time over the weekend to be with my thoughts. I don't know. I'm sorry this is painfully long but if anyone can shed some light or offer advice I'd be so grateful!