I haven't been a long time smoker just close to 3 yrs which is still lightweight compared to the ppl I smoked with. I'm only 18 and still gotta a lot of life ahead of me. I had a few really weird highs and I just thought they were bad trips. But I soon found out later they were anxiety attacks. It didn't become a problem until I had one sober. I was pretty much high all that weekend and still toking up until sun morning. It was a good high and I throughout I was good I could continue smoking weed without these attacks. Then sun night I still felt high I thought it was normal because of the potent stuff I smoked and the amount which was more than my normal. I tried to sleep it off and the next day was worst. I felt really sick and tired but my only concern was how I felt foggy and couldn't think straight. The symptoms got worst and this led to me having full blown anxiety which lasted for about 10 days. I felt back to normal and I ended up smoming again but the nect day I went through the same hell. This time I ended up smoking a little bit a wk later. I took only two hits just to be cauyios but it ended up trigerting more anxietu. I toighed it out for about a wk. I'm on day 11 of from the last time I smoked. I'm feeling much better and I'm still feeling a lottle weird but much better than before! I could barely talk to ppl cause of the anxiety and how irritated I was getting. I can function much better and I plan to keep improving. Now that I get more sleep at night its helped a lot woth my daily routines. For anyone going through something similar, I just want tell you please do STOP smoking at least until you feel back to normal. Its not worth it. If you have any question just email me. The makn thi g that helped me recovrecover was not to feed the anxiety and just contiue woth your life. Exercising helps a lot and music helped me when I was feeling downn cause anxiety can leave you with mild depression. Just know it gets better and believe in that.