I have been battling fatty liver disease for a number of years, 

recent blood tests show a reduction in liver enzymes, and I have managed to lose weight, positive signs

but, I keep getting this right flank pain, 

this pain can also be a sharp acute pain shooting through to stomach, back

after MRI scan on liver, results show I have small, multiple cysts, but consultant said this could be hereditary 

endoscopy inspection down throat showed slight stomach irritation, but nothing else

the right side pain has got worse, more frequent, almost there all the time now, 

I was in emergency room at hospital on Monday, nearly passed out at work, sweaty , blood was drained from face (as described by colleagues), tight chest, increased pulse, 

ECG and blood pressure tests were ok at the time the paramedic took them (he arrived some 40 mins after I nearly fainted, lot of my symptoms had come down by then),

bloods at hospital showed a viral infection, ( I do not have hepatitis), 

blood sugar was ok, 

I have been feeling worse recently, more light headiness, pains in chest, right/left arm, pins and needles in left hand

I have had  GERD since last November, which may explain the chest pains too, they were brief in duration a few months ago, but now they can be every 3 hours, lasting 20 to 40 minutes at time

I think some of this could be vagus nerve stimulation (relating to the GERD), I had large polyp taken out of colon last December, and ever since I have been not feeling that well,

this right flank pain is becoming more debilitating, and obstructive to my daily life, is a sore throbbing pain, like someone is permanently pressing on the right side with their thumb, like an abscess pain

I am hoping to get HIDA scan in next couple of weeks,

I measured my blood pressure at home today as 146/89 shortly after an attack of nausea, light headiness, pain in right side

does the GERD explain the chest pains, pins and needles, back pain, or is there something else going on  ? (I think my gallbladder is causing the right side pain)

can anyone please shed some light, have you had similar symptoms (sorry is long post, I wanted to get all symptoms described)